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Target Url Scraping

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Keywords To Use For Scraping

Specify the keyword or keywords to use for scraping, separated multiple keywords by a comma

If you have more than 1 keyword, then update the order quantity below to be the same as the number of keywords – i.e 1 Keyword = $ 20

Please note you will only receive 1 Target URL List, even if you have more than 1 keyword. If you want separate list, then submit separate orders

OPTIONAL – Upgrade to include GSA Format

With the normal scrape, we provide you with the raw list. With the upgrade will use GSA Platform Identifier to check each URL and then sort the list into platform-specific folders. You will receive the main folder containing sub folders with the URL’s sorted in their respective platform folder and you will receive a. SL form to import directly into GSA Search Engine Ranker. We will also produce a summary showing number of URLs in each platform.
We will take 1 day extra to sort the list.


Link building and marketing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to building a presence on the internet. Many internet marketeers make use of link building and submission tools to help them automate the submissions and link building process, many people also invest allot of money into buying link list where they can submit to. Unfortunately almost all link list being sold on the net are just random list of links, most often scraped using 1000’s of keywords – this mean you will be doing your submissions to totally irrelevant links. If you have been following Google trends and understand about back links then you will know that a backlink on a relevant site is worth much more than a link on a non relevant site. Meaning if you are promoting a niche about horses, then getting backlinks from sites relevant to horses will be much better than getting a link from a site about computer games for example. You get a much higher SEO score for using relevant links.

This is where Asia Virtual Solution Target URL Scraping come to the rescue. We scrape each target URL list fresh, based on your specific keyword or keywords.

What Will We Do

We take the keyword you have given us, and then merge it with our footprint list containing over 8,700 different footprints.
Using specialized scraping software, we scrape the web for target URLs which match the keywords and footprints
We will use up to 20 000 different fresh proxies as needed per scrape
We make use of fast high bandwidth servers for scraping.
Once the scrape is completed we will remove any duplicate domains.
The Target URL Scraping results are then exported to a plain text file, which we send to you.
If you also purchased a GSA Search Engine Data pack from us, we will import those target URLs into your project


Delivery Times” line

We strive to get the Target URLs scraped as soon as possible, sometimes we are more busy than others. Keep in mind that we are located in Asia and work on GMT+7 time zone.

We strictly adhere to a  first come first serve basis. You should receive your Target URL list within 48 hours. If you don’t, don’t starting getting all excited –  contact us via the live chat support or send us a email and we will respond as soon as possible with an update.

Please add 1 and a half day per keyword if you have selected the optional upgrade to include the GSA format sorting.


Your Benefits

Save you hours of work
Save money on 1000’s of proxies and captcha cost
Save on high end server and bandwidth cost for scraping
Benefits from our extensive footprint list and expertise on scraping.
Excellent value for money
Lightning fast, super friendly service


Footprints We Use

We have a combined footprint list of just over 8.700 and more are being added all the time which are used for the Target URL Scraping. Below are the main categories that we scrape.

Blog Comments
Document Sharing
Image Comment
Indexer Links
Social Bookmarks
Social Networks
Url Shortners
Video Sites

What I Require From You for the Target Url Scraping

  • All I need is a keyword.
  • If you want more than 1 keyword scraped, then add them comma separated and adjust the order quantity accordingly. When you submit more than 1 keywords you will received 1 combined Target URL list file.

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2 reviews for Target Url Scraping

  1. Avatar of marc


    Was skeptical on what I was going to get. The speed of service was faster than i expected. I used the lsit adn I will tell you I am very pleased with the results. Because these are targeted i feel you can get better PR rank urls from this than just generic url buying. Already getting things in order to do a second purchase for other sites.
    This is also a very good purchase for the newbie trying to learn the ins and outs of the GSA and not worry about if they are going to get good links or not.

  2. Avatar of ronksl


    Hi Folks, I ordered 3 keywords to get URLs scraped for a relatively small niche(not IM or Weight Loss). The files i got back from Michael were huge with Unique URL’s and Domains and a full list with both, plus files that i can import into GSA SER already formatted and other goodies.

    Well worth every penny and more, saved me tons of time and resources and most importantly $.

    I will be ordering more keywords for my business as well as maybe offering SEO services locally to make extra money on the side. This service plus his other services are great and I will be coming back again and again ( already ordered 500 word Article creation with spinning same night i got my keyword scraping reports/files).

    This is the site you wish you found as soon as or before even starting your first GSA SER campaign.


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