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Standard article writing services launched

Standard Article Writing Service

Standard article writing services launched.

What an exciting past week it has been at Asia Virtual Solutions. Development and design on the website are in full swing, and we will be releasing product groups as and when those products have been loaded and the sales pages and cart have been set up.

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I am delighted to announce that we have launched the Standard article writing service today, as this is the service that most people will use.
So what are Standard articles exactly? You might be asking. Well, Standard articles are simple “normal” articles; it is the kind that 95% of people usually order to post on blogs, make submissions, and for whatever other reasons.

You will provide us with a topic or a keyword, and our virtual team will then do the research, and the articles get produced by our professional English-speaking writers.

We recommend articles of 500 words as the best way to build content for your website or blog. Search engines appreciate quality and good content that will enhance your website’s user experience. Adding new articles frequently to your website or blog is highly recommended as this will positively affect search engine rankings, and your web traffic will also increase steadily.

[title text=”Benefits”][bullets]
[bullet]All articles are written by professional English writers[/bullet]
[bullet]All articles pass the Copyscape test, which means they are original[/bullet]
[bullet]Quick turn-around time of a few days[/bullet]
[bullet]No membership, no monthly fees, no hidden costs[/bullet]
[bullet]All research is done by the writers[/bullet]
[bullet]You have complete ownership of your articles[/bullet]
[bullet]Articles are cleaned up and come in a clear format[/bullet]


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Standard articles will be available in 300, 400, 500, 750, and 1000-word variations and are all very competitively priced;

  • 300-word articles @ US $ 4.85
  • 400-word articles @ US $ 6.00
  • 500-word articles @ US $ 7.25
  • 750-word articles @ US $ 9.45
  • 1,000-word articles @ US $ 11.75

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