How to get 200 lpm

One of the most talked about things in GSA Search Engine Ranker discussions has always been about about LPM  ( Link Per Minutes ) and VPM ( Verified Per Minute ), and people very often blame their failures on either the link list  they use or some 3rd party service. The fact of the matter is that more often than none it has very little to do with the link list or the 3rd party service they use, but simply their lack of understanding of GSA Search Engine Ranker and how to properly configure their GSA Search Engine Ranker and what settings and filters to use.

I will take you on a guided walk thru of one of my VPS’s running  GSA Search Engine Ranker and you can basically look over my shoulder how to get 200+ LPM with GSA Search Engine Ranker and exactly what i am using. I will show you my set up, and exactly what i am using and doing to achieve a very high LPM of over 200.

Why Does Your LPM Sucks

The main reason why many GSA Search Engine users are unable to get a high LPM or fail with link list that they buy , is basically because of the following reasons.

  • You fail because you use crappy public proxies.
  • You suck because you only use GSA Captcha Breaker – You don’t have a secondary service to solve recaptcha and text captcha’s.
  • Your projects are poorly created and using wrong filters and settings.
  • You have no global link list and only using GSA SER search engines or using  GSA SER Scraper to get links.
  • You scrape your own links but don’t sort and check them, clean them, instead you import it directly into your projects.
  • You have no idea which engines to select and how to filter out some.
  • You care about PR even thought it is dead ages ago.
  • You have rubbish content.

What Do I Use To GET 200+ LPMThe video  below will take you on a detailed walk thru, and below you will find a summary of what I use to get 200+ LPM:

How to get 200+ LPM with GSA Search Engine Ranker

Stop blaming the link list or other 3rd party tools and services, stop sucking at GSA Search Engine Ranker and start using GSA SER a Guru and start running 200 + LPM.

Follow the recommendations in this post and the video and if you have any questions or would like me to explain anything, then feel free to leave a comment and i will get back to you.

Get 200+ LPM with GSA Search Engine Ranker


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