1Captchas Review – The Only Recaptcha Solving Service You Need

1Captchas Review

To say that the SEM stage has undergone a wave of change in the past few years would be an understatement. And it has mostly been for the better. We still recall spending a bomb each month in our early days purely for Captcha solving, especially for our clients in the more ‘upscale’ niches.

It would require at least OCR services and 1 primary human captcha solving service for us to get anywhere close to our targeted number of verified links each day.

Thankfully, we have since been able to narrow down on our monthly expenditure on Captchas and also reduce the amount of time and effort we spend managing multiple services, thanks to 1Captchas.com

This is a short blurb of our experience with what we believe is hands down, the best OCR solution for Recaptcha and a bunch of other captcha types.


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What is 1Captchas.com?

1Captchas.com is a new OCR solution that delivers a sucker punch to all other OCR based captcha solving software with an incredibly accurate algorithm and to human based services with dirt cheap packages.

That’s the best way that we can explain what you get with the service.

It can solve Recaptcha V1, V2, & V3, text captchas and almost 4783 other types of image captchas giving you the most advanced captcha solving package for GSA SER.

To top it off, it has a very smartly designed, uncluttered user interface, it is faster than most other services we have tried and has a flat monthly rate for solving as many captchas as you’d want to.

The first and most obvious comparison that we had was with Captchatronix which we were using before signing up with 1captchas.

This is what we found.

1Captchas.com vs. Captchatronix

  • Captchatronix solves recaptcha and 2585 other types of captchas whereas 1Captchas.com solves 4783 types of captchas. That’s a significant difference, the direct outcome of which is evident in the number of verified links you build each day.
  • com is more accurate with recaptchas. While, we don’t have the numbers to back this up at the moment (we are collating some data from the dashboard to explain this better), we experienced this from day 1 of using 1captchas.com. And we have used Captchatronix for nearly two years.
  • com is faster. On some occasions, we have had recaptchas solved in as less as 0.4 seconds. That’s incredible by any standards. On the other hand, the fastest that captchatronix could manage was 1 second.
  • Captchatronix claims to have a 70% success rate with recaptcha. But we believe that it is an inaccurate number. It’s closer to 30% which is what 1Captchas.com averages too.
  • com has the cheapest and most cost effective pricing model that we have ever subscribed to. You get 50 software and 10 captcha threads with unlimited text captcha solves for just $19.00 a month. With Captchatronix, the same package is priced at $27.97 a month. And if you compare it with human captcha solving services, you are paying almost 1000% lesser each month.

Some of the reasons why we like 1captchas.com

We believe that any captcha solving service can be rated on four main factors.

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Ease of use
  4. Customer Support

And that’s precisely where 1Captcha.com manages to elbow out most of its competitors.


It is extremely fast. Like we already mentioned, we have had solve times as low as 0.5 seconds on some occasions. At times, it has been a tad higher. What’s more important is that the links per minute has been in excess of 100 consistently.


It has an average accuracy of 90% for image captchas and 40-50% for recaptchas. The fact that we have witnessed a steady number of new sites with verified links speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the software.

Ease of use:

It’s one thing to make an OCR solution for captcha solving and another thing altogether to package it in software with an easy to use dashboard. Even if this is the first time in your life that you are using captcha software, you will still be able to use this straight away. The dashboard lets you see the number of captchas solved and the response received. That’s transparency at its best. Most services would just send you a response without actually revealing whether the captcha was solved correctly or not.

Customer Support:

Ever since we decided to try 1captchas.com, we have been thoroughly impressed with the team behind it. They have always been online on Skype. At least whenever we have pinged them, we have received a response within 10 minutes. There have been minimal downtimes and they also have a ticket-system for more serious problems that need technical intervention. The software has undergone numerous updates over the past few months which have resulted in a marked improvement in the accuracy and the speed.


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Are you looking for the best OCR Captcha solving on the market ?  – You just found it.

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Get rid of that redundant captcha solving service

If you are using GSA SER for local SEO or for some of the more competitive niches that are riddled with recaptchas that can eat into your output and your marketing budget, then you must absolutely try 1captcha.com and see firsthand, the difference that it can bring to your SEO plans.

With a pricing that beats every other service in the market, you have nothing to lose really.


Are you looking for the best OCR Captcha solving on the market ?  – You just found it.

Get 1Captchas NOW

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