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GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data Pack


GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data Pack

GSA Ser Data Packs which we launched in the beginning of August 2013 was very well received amongst the GSA users and when we launched the PLUS pack a week later we had a huge response and have had a constant flow of orders since

We have also received some great feedback from the  GSA Search Engine Ranker Forum.

The 5 Tier GSA Search Engine Ranker data packs are a great time saver with its 3 click set up,  for both novice and experienced  GSA SER users as it offered excellent and fast link building with relative high LPM The new 7 Tier is more aimed at building quality link slowly over a long period.

GSA Search Engine Ranker - Data Pack - PLUS - 7 Tier
GSA Search Engine Ranker – Data Packs


After a closer look at the Data Packs I decided to make a GSA Search Engine Ranker data pack option which is more focused on getting quality links as oppose to high volume links, as I believe 100 good high PR links is much better than 1000 low PR links which were blasted out. After looking at some recommendations from GSA  Guru’s and power users in the GSA SER Forum, I decided to create a slightly modified version of the concept suggestion by Ozz in the GSA SER Forum, over here –>

Filters, Search Engines, Platforms and Settings selection Last updated 20 May 2016

GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data pack Overview by Asia Virtual Solutions – GSA SER 7 Tier

[title text=”What’s The GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data Pack” line=”true”]

The GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier Data comes with a single file which you restore on your GSA Ser to give you a fully set up 7 tier project. Below are the components. The 7 Tier Data pack is NOT for Churn and Burn, in fact it has been set up to slowly but consistently build links over long time and to fly under the radar and not get flanked as a spam project, which is why we have set up very conservative scheduling on each of the tiers. This is perfect for money site or sites which you build for the long run.

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[bullet]7 Tiers[/bullet]
[bullet]50 sub domain email accounts per tier. 350 email accounts in total per project.[/bullet]
[bullet]7 x PDF documents. Each SEO optimised with image links contextual links as well as body links.[/bullet]
[bullet]All GSA fields are filled – platform selection, Data, Options, Filters, Search engine selections and also the emails.[/bullet]
[bullet]All GSA fields scheduling for drip feed like posting with 2 days delay between tiers, too avoid spamming penalties and IP burnout.[/bullet]
[bullet]Keyword research done and using long-tails for keyword and anchor text.[/bullet]
[bullet]1 single file to FULLY set up a 7 tier GSA SER project.[/bullet]

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[title text=”GSA Search Engine 7 Tier Data Pack – OVERVIEW”]


GSA Search Engine Ranker 7 Tier - Diagram

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[title text=”A look at each of the 7 Tiers” line=”true”]

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  1. Avatar of Unseen
    Unseen says

    I have made a decision to place an order for the 7-Tier data pack from AsiaVirtualSolutions, without needing to wait several weeks so I really could fire up my GSA /months before I learn enough to feel assured doing this myself.

    I’m not sad I have purchased this data pack. Imo, followed clear text and video directions and my first ever GSA effort is up and running, which is outstanding.

    Myself understand I was somewhat annoying with all my GSA newbie questions (added some questions that are unrelated also) so thanks for your patience also.

    It’s possible for you to anticipate many more orders from myself shortly, because I have discovered this is the very best possible method for someone similar to me, who’s brand new to GSA, have the capacity to learn while doing it and to simply get going.

    Thank you very much and continue the outstanding work

  2. Avatar of Kyle
    Kyle says

    Work came out on time and Michael gladly answered a lot of my questions – I’m still a bit of a newbie. Yet since I’ve purchased the Tier 7 Data Pack, I have learned exponentially more about GSA.

    This product allowed me to get up and running in no time as all the work was done in advance; setup took literally a matter of a couple minutes.

    I’ve ran the Data Pack on small business and have so far noticed that for certain keywords, the owner’s site has jumped from sitting at #12 on 2nd page to #3. I insulated site by only backlinking to Tier 1 links, so I’d imagine it will be a slow, steady process, but safe and organic. That’s really what this data pack does: it creates natural, quality backlinks at a normal speed to allow for results, yet it doesn’t move a mile a minute, causing potential penalties with Google (knock on wood…)

  3. Avatar of Visal
    Visal says

    My order was really fast and i really love the concept of my campaings.If i do myself it take me ages to build. Thank you for this service. Also hoping to buy scrape list .. Thanks A+++++ service!

  4. Avatar of William
    William says

    My order was delivered really fast. Highly recommended service. Michael was also really helpful answering a lot of my questions. If you need a good quality GSA SER data pack and you don’t want to do it yourself, Michael is the guy! Will definitely order more from him in the near future.

  5. Avatar of hristo
    hristo says

    Service was pretty good quality. I strongly recommend

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